There comes a time in every boys life when they become a man. And as everyone knows, that time is when the boys pokemon tumblr gets to 374 followers. To celebrate this amazing and not made up milestone, I will be giving away the lake guardian trio! Except these ones are shiny! Amazing! (Also banners are deceptively hard to make :/ )

You must have a 3ds (or 2ds) (or 3dsxl) 
A copy of Pokemon X or Y
An empty friend code slot so we can trade
A lot of patience to organize a time we can trade (timezones are ALWAYS annoying ALWAYS)
Must be following Me ( shinyvolcaronas )  

The Giveaway ends 11/10/2014, or the Eleventh of October for you guys who dont use dd/mm/yyyy.

If this giveaway gets a good amount of notes ill add some SUPER SECRET BONUS POKEMON :O

So yeah on the eleventh i’ll pick a winner through the random number generator, same way i did last time! Good luck!